Digital products with a business in mind

I start with a thorough understanding of business need, context, vision and create a user experience that is as appealing to use as it is to see or touch.

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Your product is defined by how a visitor experiences every click, browse and tap. That better experience, that stronger loyalty, that extra sale and that lifetime value happens one pixel at a time.

Companies I have worked with

From start-ups to corporations. I enjoy helping all kind of businesses.

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Design process

Although my process is tailored to business, project and people, here is its high level form I use to drive my clients’ success.



I listen to you and your needs. We need to identify business goals, challenges and scope of work. What's the vision? How do we measure success? What's the definition of done? What strategy do we use to meet our goals? And finally, what's the delivery timeframe?


Research & analyse

Research saves you a lot of frustration and money during product life cycle. Investing in research means we have educated and informed plan backed by reality. We spend our time and power only where necessary. Research doesn't have to be expensive. Interviews and shadowing can reveal a lot about customers.


Design & validate

We start with process and users flows together, simplifying and automating what we can. Then we design screens and conduct usability studies to test our solution. There are number of methods we use to avoid personal opinions shaping our design solutions. We are designing the bridge between customer needs and business requirements.


Build & implement

We develop solution and release it for the right audience (testing group). I work close to your technical team to make sure everything is implemented correctly.


Test & iterate

Test, learn and observe behaviours. Let’s analyse our solution, how people use it and how it meets our goals. We need to make sure we get all benefits from testing and using the findings when designing next solution.


Jason Cross-Martin's photo

Jason Cross-Martin

Program manager, business transformation specialist

„I had the pleasure of working with Jiri for a short period at the NSW Transport Management Centre. He was able to successfully provide the guidance the organisation needed in terms of improving User Experience in our Pegasystems based systems. More importantly for us, he was able to give strategic UX direction as well as directly influence UI design. Being able to find a UX specialist that can function at both levels is difficult and as a result Jiri was able to provide a significant amount of value to our project delivery team in a relatively short space of time.“
Stuart Swift's photo

Stuart Swift

Director of personalisation technology

„I can’t speak highly enough of Jiri.
He started working for me as a lead web developer, however as the project grew Jiri was used in UX design, server testing, team leading. He excelled in all areas. His approach is very professional, he is a highly intelligent and contributes great ideas. Over time I have learnt to trust Jiri to complete quality work on time, and as such I hardly need to supervise him.“
Colm Byrne's photo

Colm Byrne

Technical product manager

„Jiri is a talented UX designer who works fast, accurately to produce excellent creative results . His technical knowledge of current technologies like Angular and his solid design experience contribute to this, but it's really his passion for excellence that results in superb work in short shrift. Outstanding.“
Alex Davies-Moore's photo

Alex Davies-Moore

Software engineer

„I had the great pleasure of working with Jiri on a UI/UX redesign project for SmartFocus. He is a phenomenal guy to work with - great UX/UI design; picks things up extremely quickly; fantastic development skills - the whole nine yards. I hope I get the chance to work with him again some time.“
Tim Fouracre's photo

Tim Fouracre

Chief executive officer

„Jiri was a contract UX designer for me at Clear Books. He brought some great ideas to the product and was a pleasure to have in our team. I would recommend Jiri.“
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Feel free to contact me with your enquiries or just to say hello. I'm always up for a drink or dinner with people from the industry.

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